Find Protective Gear Which Best Suits Your Need​

Explore from a wide range of products offered by OrchardCare.
All the products are made keeping in mind the safety of health professionals.

OrchardCare’s Personal Protection kit provides complete exposure protection from potentially infectious particles and viruses. This disposable kit is great not only in treatment centres but also various activities, e.g. cleaning, waste management, safe burials and community care related to outbrake

Nitrile and latex gloves are stretchy, durable, flexible and highly comfortable. These gloves will provide protection as well as prevent cross-contanimation between patients and their caregivers.

The face shield provides full face protection and is essential in addition to mask and goggles. This safety visor will serve as an extra line of defense against the virus or other infectious particles. 

OrchardCare’s body coverall provides complete protection from infectious particles and viruses. This disposable body coverall is a necessity while treating patients or working in potential infected spaces.

The 3 ply mask is an all purpose face mask which is suitable for all purposes such as medical, home, community service, construction, pollution etc.